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    secure router in rental.

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      My question how can I secure router in rental.  Some renters have been resetting the router and when a new renter checks in they eventually report they cannot get access.  I would like any suggestions on how to eliminate access to router.  Thank you

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          I have accomplished this by having an electrician hard wire the router as well

          as place a unit where the renters can plug in if they dont use wireless. It

          helped alot. We had a ton of people always un-hooking stuff and attempting to

          re-hook stuff up and it never worked...i always had renters contacting me....




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            I have my router open and luckly haven't had any issues. But this does bring up a good point. Maybe put the router in a lockbox. Like the ones you see for wall thermostat? That way they can't reset it. They can turn on and off the router power by unplugging it which is needed sometime.


            Also, if they reset it. Does it have a default WEP or is it unsecured. Which poses another issue of neighbors using it.

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              We were advised that it was not a good idea to let our guests have access to our secured network, although, personally, I don't really see what the big problem is... it isn't as if we are at the house doing our online banking while they are there.  It's probably because of giving out your encryption key to every guest who comes through to allow them to get on.


              Nevertheless, we bought one of the new 300mps routers. We bought a Linksys E2000 because it is compatible with XP AND Windows 7 (something we had not thought about until the guy at Best Buy mentioned it to us... our old router would not have been compatible with Win7) and it has the ability to set up a "guest account," just like in a hotel.  Our main network is secured, and then with the software that comes with it we can tell it to allow "guests" on, and it creates a new network called "XXXXX - guest." That network has it's own password, which we have made very simple, and put in our handbook which we leave in the house.  The very first time the guest tries to go onto the internet a blue screen comes up asking for the guest passwork, and then once that password has been typed in they don't have to re-enter it again during their entire stay.


              Finally, the range on this router is so astounding that we actually have it hidden under one of the beds in the guest bedroom at the far end of the house, and the signal strength is Excellent everywhere in the house.  Now, of course, someone could still find it under the bed, but if they are that determined to wreak havoc with our network, I would hope they would call us first and tell us about whatever problem they are having first.  We respond quickly to any problems, but so far, our network has not been one of them!