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    Pets allowed. Yes or no?

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      I keep seeing this issue pop up in unrelated threads, so thought I'd start this off. We LOVE our pets!


      We allow pets, case by case. Our ads all state this.  If someone is truly allergic I'd hope they would be paying close attention to the content of our ads.


      Many insurance companies have restrictions on the types/breeds of pets they will allow. ( yes, indeed- I've seen claims denied because of such.).  Because of that, we deal with pet owners on a case by case situation. Depending on the breed & size I do or don't charge an extra Pet Damage Deposit  Our area allows dogs on the beach ( unusual!!), so our Pet Policy has very detailed requirements. 


      I tend to negotiate this (sometimes waiving the Pet Deposit- they think they are getting a good deal).  Here's our Pet Policy. What do you guys do, if you allow pets?


      $50.00 Damage Deposit per pet, unless otherwise noted below. (To be refunded within 15 calendar days after renter checks out if no clean up or damage is assessed.)


      Due to insurance coverage, The Galveston Sand Dollar Cottage can only allow certain breeds and sizes of animals. You MUST have this agreement signed by both Deb Jones, owner and __________________, Primary Renter, in order to have a pet on the premises during your rental period. 

      The animal(s) must be current on all vaccinations, and a flea prevention protocol.  


      Type of Animal:

      Dog____          Breed_________________ Size (weight)____________

      You must clean up all pet waste from the yard, (and surrounding properties, if you walk your pet.)

      Cat_____ You must furnish your own litter box and dispose of used litter in an enclosed trash bag to be placed in the trash cans with other waste.


      Terms of Agreement

      • No pets are allowed on furniture, including beds and couches.
      • Any damages to floors or furnishings caused by pet will result in loss of damage deposit. There will be an additional fee charged if damage is excessive.
      • Primary Renter assumes all responsibility for any problems caused by the animal.
      • The property owners and all of the property owners’ employees are not held liable for any damages to property or the health and safety of anyone during the rental agreement period. The Primary Renter assumes all liability of such.   


      I agree to abide by these conditions and the Terms of Agreement.


      Pet Damage Deposit Amount_______________


      Primary Renter Name (printed)__________________________________________________


      Signature______________________________________________ Date__________________


      Owner(s)______________________________________________ Date__________________

      Please bring copies of your pet’s vaccination record with you.  This will insure your pet’s safety and well being in case you encounter any problems during your stay.       

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          I accept dogs.  We have dogs of our own and enjoy traveling with them.


          I advertise dogs will be considered and approved by the owner. 


          Approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of our guests each year (seasonal New England summer rental) bring their dogs.


          I request information about breed, age, training, temperament, barking, travel experience, etc to decide. 


          Dog rules are outlined in an addendum to the rental agreement:


          Dogs may not be on furniture, beds, bedding, or other furnishings; they may not be left unattended in my home; they are not allowed on the front lawn or landscaped areas; dog waste must be disposed of properly by the guest in all outdoor areas (this includes the exterior of our home and the private lane on which we are located).


          I provide information on access/restirctions to beaches, parks, and conservation lands.  I include information about local noise ordinances; I woudn't want my neighbors disturbed by a noisy dog.  I also advise of the local leash law.


          On another thread someone wrote about requesting flea and tick treament assurance.  I think this is brillant and will incorporate this requirement into my pet addendum.  A flea infestation would be horrific.  Ticks we have aplenty . . . . .


          I request a security deposit of $500.  I do not request a pet fee or a specific pet deposit.  My pet addendum which is signed by guest and owner indicates I may hold any part of, or the total of, the security deposit for any damages related to the pet and that I and/or my housecleaners will determine what constitutes damage and will provide receipts for replacement, repair, etc. 


          In several years of renting to guests and their pets I have found that pets do less damage than people.  I can't think of a single problem in over 10 years.  We did not accept dogs for the first several years we rented because of our concern for wear and tear.  It turns out to be just fine. 


          I provide my housekeepers with a chart that highlights pets (and children!) so they can do an exceptionally thorough cleaning between guests, especially when a guest with a dog is followed by a guest that does not have a dog.


          I do not hesitate to turn down very large dogs, multiple dogs, dogs that have owners that do not respond well to my questions, etc.  I have also had a few guests decide to board their pets - perhaps the rules made them think a week of closely supervising a dog will not make for a relaxing  week at the beach.      

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              I couldn't agree with you more. We have found the same thing to be true at our cottage. We require the same things of our guests with dogs as you do. We also feel they take better care of the cottage than guests that come without dogs.


              I have to say that I have never had to turn down a guest due to size or breed, but I have turned down guests who do not supply us with the proper vaccine records, proof of flea/tick preventative and guests with dogs who are not crate trained.


              We stay booked because we are pet friendly and PROUD!

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              We accept dogs and do not charge anything extra fro them.  The only person we ever turned down was someone with 6 dogs.  Even for a dog lover that is a little excessive.

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                Our pet policy for what it is worth...we do restrict age but not size or breed, and will screen the owner via phone. 



                We are happy to accommodate your canine companion with advance notice and the following conditions…


                • Most importantly  - you must be a responsible dog owner.
                • Your dog must be friendly and well socialized with other people and other dogs.  Your dog must be at least 2 years old. Your dog must not be a “chewer”. 
                • Your dog must be housebroken.  And if you have a male dog, please don’t allow him to “mark” on the deck posts, planters or on any other object on the decks.  “Potty pads” are not to be used inside – your dog must be relieved outside.
                • You must use some type of flea control product on your dog – either a flea dip or Frontline (also good for ticks) or equivalent. 
                • An increase in the security deposit to $350. This is a refundable deposit less damage and extraordinary cleaning fees.  Any damages in excess of the $350 will be the responsibility of the renter. 
                • A charge of $25 per night for your dog.
                • Your dog must be on a leash when outside – reason is that we run cattle on our property and simply cannot have your dog chasing our cattle on this steep property.  Our county also has a leash law and most properties in the county are not fenced. 
                • Your dog is not to be left unattended in the house or tied up outside.  However, if your dog is a non-barker and crate-trained, we will allow leaving your dog in a crate for a short timeframe such as going out to dinner. For longer timeframes, we would be happy to recommend a local dog groomer that will take your dog for the day.
                • You must clean up after your dog. Plastic bags will be provided for your use. 
                • You should provide your own bowls and bedding for your dog.  We prefer that your dog sleep on the floor.  But if your dog does not, please bring any covers for bed and/or furniture.  And please do not leave any pet food outside.
                • Please do not allow your dog in the pool or hot tub.  You may use a hose to cool your dog off during the hot summer months.  Please bring your own towels for drying off your dog before it re-enters the house – this includes towels for rainy weather.


                Some things you should know… 


                • We are in a trial period for allowing dogs. Since we like to travel with our dog, we know and realize that others also like to do so. Please abide by the rules and do not ruin this possibility for others.
                • During this trial period, dogs will only be allowed for a maximum of four nights.  And please, no more than one dog per stay.
                • Please be aware that we have a very friendly Labrador Retriever that you may see from time to time.  She is off leash and has the full run of the ranch. Please do not feed her or allow her inside the guesthouse or encourage her to go into the pool. Because of our dog, we ask that your dog’s shots be up to date.  Please be prepared to show evidence of vaccines including a vaccine for Bordetella (kennel cough).  
                • All national parks are not very dog-friendly places. Dogs are restricted to certain areas. So please keep this in mind if you visit during the hot summer months. You need to become familiar with California Law regarding dogs left unattended inside cars during extreme weather. You will not be able to hike with your dog on most trails inside the National Park. For the National Park's Pet Policy visit the National Park website.