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    Do you find the new email notifications not as helpful?

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      I have noticed two ommissions from the new format email notifications that have been introduced with the introduction of Reservation Manager.

      - if you have multiple units in a property the unit ID is no longer included in the inquiry email notification.

      - if you have signed up to more than one of the home away web sites the inquiry email notification no longer states which web site the inquiry has come from.


      This information is available if you log into Reservation Manager via the new Dashboard, however this is very time consuming and assumes you want to use Reservation Manager. I prefer to reply direct to the notification, it is quick and simple, and do not want to log in for every inquiry. Why can this information nor remain on the initial notification?


      Does anyone else find this annoying?

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          Like many who have commented on this site re the new Dashboard I endorse the comment 'I hate it with a vengeance'.   I cannot find my way around the site - it has taken me 15 minutes to find a way to make a comment...why no simple 'comment here' place?

          I decided to check the site as a possible traveller and it was much worse than the old system.  It was too big, too complicated - and if I was really looking for a property to rent I don't think I would bother to find my way through the hundreds of entries.   Having just renewed for a year I shall watch carefully to see if I get any less enquiries - and meanwhile I shall actively search for another place to advertise - would be glad of any recommendations from others with a property in North America.


          It seems to me that Holiday Rentals UK was great - then by being bought out or amalgamated with HomeAway

          things have gone wrong.  It is like some clever computer person (note I did not say geek or nerd !) has come up with great ideas that are fine for them and not really thought about the property owners or renters.


          Why oh why to companies spend money on 'updating' sites ?  If it 'aint broke don't fix it !

          Adaptable Ann