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    Suggestion for "Performance" Tab on HomeAway

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      This is a feedback e-mail that I've sent HomeAway.com. What are your thoughts and feedback?



      Dear HomeAway,



      Under the "Performance" tab, I would really like to see more tools here. The current data is really poor as I can't take action to improve my listing based on the current data. It is too general. So here are my suggestions:



      1. I want to see an interactive tool that can give me granular data like Google Finance.






      I want to be able to see how my listing is doing not just monthly, but weekly, daily and hourly. If I change the title for my listing, or the photo, or the prices, or do a special deal, I need the granular data feedback to see if that makes an impact on page views and inquiries.



      2. It would also be great to know where in the world my page views are coming from. If I'm getting a lot of interest from New York, then I'll place a Craigs list ad in New York with a link to my HomeAway listing. Knowing that my listing is generating interest from a particular region in the country is helpful for my other marketing strategies.



      3. Also, I would like to see a tool that is showing me the traffic on Home Away to my region/area in comparison to other areas and in comparison to previous years. This would give me a great way to forecast what the season is going to look like so I can be more competitive in my pricing, special offers and off-Home Away marketing strategies.



      4. I would also like to see an interactive tool showing aggregated booking data for my area based on a hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. What were the total number of bookings for my area from the HomeAway network last Thanksgiving Day weekend? What is the average per day, per week, rental rate that is actually booked, what was the highest rental rate and numbers booked at that rate (separated from the actual listing). Also, what hour, day, week, month are the highest for booking in advance for the season? If the high booking traffic is in the last week of October, then I can create incentives in my listing.



      5. Finally, I would like to have more data about my listing's visibility on the various sites and related to page views. How many times is my listing getting top visibility per 100 area page views? I'm paying for a service, but I have no way of getting the feedback to know how often my listing is getting what I've bought. Also, I want to know for every page view what my listing rank was when it was clicked (was I on the top 4 featured listings, or was my listing 8 spaces down?). That gives me concrete data that my listing is being featured and how viewers are finding my listing.



      These tools are really vital to the owners to help us market our listing (and the Home Away site) and get bookings.



      Please seriously consider adding a suite of owner's tools to the "Performance" tab.



      Thank you.

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          Hi there,


          Thank-you very much for the deeply thought out and comprehensive analytical reporting ideas for the Dash. We have a vision for where this information goes in the Dash - but that's all I can say .


          When we sit down with our own analytics teams and craft an experiment around making changes to our websites, the first thing they ask us is "What decision are you trying to make?". I'd really like to work with you to understand what decisions you are trying to make so that we can make this easy to access for all of our customers, not just the data hungry folks such as yourself.


          Many thanks again for the excellent post,