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    anyone use other or multiple sites to advertise?...


      back 5 yrs ago when i first started renting my town home i would rent out the summer by march, second and third yr the same but that has since changed.  it now doesn't rent out till june and sometimes within weeks of the week being available. this was the first yr i had a prime week go unrented.  i had lots of people claimed to be interested but wanted me to call them - which led me to believe they were pulling my leg or wanted to low ball me.  i do everything via email, that way i have everything in writing.  anyway, just wondering if you use multiple sites to advertise?...if so, which ones work best for you.  also, does homeaway own all of them?...it appears that way.  thxs

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          Like you, I much prefer email or online communication to a phone. It's just much less intrusive for both parties. If, however, an inquirer requests a phone call, I call them, especially now that HA/VRBO recommends a phone call to guests prior to booking. I'll communicate with a potential guest however they prefer.


          I do advertise on multiple sites, some work better than others, but a lot of that may depend on your area. I've read posts from someone who get more results from listing site A and notthing from listing site B, while someone else is the exact opposite. Some sites work better for some folks than others. Why? Location? Maybe. Who knows. Try some, keep what works and throw out what doesn't.