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    How Best to Market US Vacation Rentals to Canadians?


      I live on Cape Cod and have problems renting on the shoulder season.  There are plenty of Canadians on the Upper

      Cape during that time of year.  How best to locate those people?  Is there a website that focuses on Canadians renting in USA?  thanks

        • How Best to Market US Vacation Rentals to Canadians?

          I have used Kijiji.ca  with some success.  It is like a Canadian Craigs List site. It is free. However, the last two times I've tried to post, I've been disallowed. Maybe they found out I'm not Canadian?  Not really sure of the reason since I had removed all previous adds.

            • How Best to Market US Vacation Rentals to Canadians?

              I, too, have tried to use Kijiji, ca, as a result of your suggestion and my ad was immediately deleted. Of the three reasons given for such action, the only one that fit is that I am not posting locally. So does that mean that only people that live in Canada can post on that site? I post on Cape Cod Craigs list all the time even though I live in Nevada. It's a good question and I, too, am hoping there is a good answer.

                • How Best to Market US Vacation Rentals to Canadians?
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                  Hi there,

                  Kijiji.ca only allows Canadians to post ads so this is probably why yours were removed.  The most popular websites for vacation rentals in Canada are homeaway and vrbo.  Now there's a homeaway.ca site but I still think a lot of people just naturally go the U.S. sites when they are searching for a rental (especially if it is for a house in the USA).


                  Right now the Canadian dollar is stronger than the U.S. dollar so no exchange issues, but if the US $ strengthens again, one popular lever to attract Canadians is to accept Canadian dollars at par.

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                Hi FOLKS


                Surely your advert pops up on all the homeaway sites so getting the message out to Canada should allready be sorted.


                I own a property in Florida and am based in Engand so for convenience use Holiday-Rentals .co.uk as my home listing for the Home Away Corporation , my listing pops up on the US,CAN , Spanish  + French sister sites ( in all honesty i havent checked out all the others ) so I would have thought yours would have too.


                If thats the case maybe your location and pricing at certain times of  the year may be worth looking out.


                Food for thought


                PS I have just update my listing and on checking the CA website it had popped up to the top of my area.

                So on a personal note the system works.



                Earlier this year I had an enquiry from the French link , which turned out to be from a French speaking Canadian

                how weird is that.

                Why didnt they use the US or Candian to book a  Villa in FL when they wanted to pay in US$ ????



                FYI I have had renters from the US, CANADA,SPAIN,IRELAND,FRANCE.GERMANY,HOLLAND,SWEDEN,SCOTLAND,WALES AND even ENGLAND so the system does work


                Kind regards



                  • How Best to Market US Vacation Rentals to Canadians?

                    Just to let everyone know, I got one rental from Canada in September.  The way I found him was on a whim; I advertised on Toronto's craigslist several times and in the ad I included a link to HOMEAWAY.  He was a great renter.  But getting back to my original problem:  Cape Cod is filled w/ Canadians (and Canadiens) in Sept/Oct.  We are missing the boat somewhere because I did not get any hits from vrbo or homeaway from them before the season.  I'll keep trying and if anyone comes up w/ an alternative, let me know.  Otherwise, we had a great summer season and are going up in price next year. I am using an installment plan for the payment of the non-refundable deposit:  $300.00 to hold the week and somewhat equal payments till Jan 15, 2012 when the total deposit is due to reserve the dates.  

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                        Well I'm not an expert on Canadians, although we do get quite a few off-season bookings from them down in our Sunset Beach Bliss condo. I happen to be in Toronto at the moment, so I just did a couple of google searches and here are the top 5 organic results (below a long list of google places that get returned). Hopefully this is helpful.


                        "Cape Cod Vacation Rental"


                        1. www.weneedavacation.com
                        2. www.capecodrental.com
                        3. www.cyberrentals.com/USA/Massachusetts/Cape-Cod/r101.htm
                        4. www.homeaway.com/vacation-rentals/massachusetts/cape-cod/r101
                        5. www.vrbo.com/vacation-rentals/usa/massachusetts/cape-cod


                        "Cape Cod Cottage"


                        1. www.seasidecapecod.com
                        2. www.surfsidevacation.com
                        3. www.capecodcottage.com
                        4. www.capecodtravel.com/lodging/rentals.shtml
                        5. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cape_Cod_(house)




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                      An unusually large percentage of Canadian travelers (I think I read 60% somewhere), when they fly internationally, use one of these discount Canadian airlines. Generally, these discount airlines team up with some kind of all-inclusive resort in the form of a package: flight + hotel + food/drink + transfers = one price.


                      To take advantage of this, ask anyone at your nearest airport more details about the flights (what Canadian city they come in from, how frequently they operate...etc). If you don't get these flights, you're out of luck. If you do get these flights...


                      We've been able to "steal" a small sliver of these guests (which can actually be a considerable number depending on the size of the group) by then targeting those regions (most successfully, for us in Panama, is Toronto) with Google Adwords campaigns and offering 2 or 3 nights of "The Real Panama" or "authenticity" in addition to the generic resort: mentioning that we know they signed up for a packaged deal but think our "cultural" experience would add to their vacation. We've managed to get them -- a lot of times -- for their first night in Panama City and their last night in Panama City (sandwiching the packaged hotel deal) and they've proven to be tremendous clients, referring us to a number of their friends.


                      Note: You can also avoid all this and simply offer unlimited beer and cigarettes, which works equally well.


                      Matt is the author of Vacation Rental Marketing for Dummies: 54 inexpensive of free ways to increase your vacation rental bookings.

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                        Yes,Definitely there might be a lot of websites for Canadians renting in USA.If you get,then please share with me.I also need to know about it.


                        Good Luck!!!!


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