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    Renters items stolen

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      Some guest were staying at my property and were away for the day when someone broke in and stole approximately $2500 worth of electronics that were there's. The security system was broken because there was a break-in about a month before and someone stole all of my flat screen TV's. The renters now want me to help pay the Deductible from the insurance to help cover the cost of there electronics.  Do I have a legal responsibility to cover there items?Thanks for your input.

        • Renters items stolen
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          Oh my gosh, that's terrible. Do you have a clause in your contract stating no responsibilty for theft to renter's items?  Did they know the system was broken and there was a burglary before?  If you had a burglary 1 month before and the security system was broken, I would not have rented it until the system was fixed. It seems your property or neighborhood is being targeted or that they know it's a short term rental.  If there isn't a clause, I would be inclined to help pay the deductible since it was something you knew that was possible from the previous break in.

          • Renters items stolen

            I'm sorry to hear this happened to you and your guests. There was another discussion recently on a very similar topic. Some of the tips be might be helpful to you. Just in case you hadn't seen it, here's a link to the other discussion about theft when guests were in the rental.