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    Weekend rates (don't) display on Chrome


      I recently had a prospective guest ask about a complicated set of dates, so I brought up our HomeAway public listing using my favorite web browser - Chrome.


      And what did my eyes (not) behold?  Our weekend rates!


      In fact, comparing our listing display on Chrome, Firefox and IE, the layout of the rates section is completely different on Chrome!  When did this happen?  I don't think it's always been this way, since I use Chrome most of the time and go to our listing page often - I would think it would have jumped out at me if it had been displaying this way for some time.


      This isn't just a display bug in Chrome - the layout is completely different with completely different text.  It is an intentional browser-specific piece of code.  I just can't get over how HomeAway's QA department could have let this content deficiency (not displaying all the same rates as on the other browsers) slip by. 


      This means that I have to go to extra lengths to explain our rates to anyone who looks us up on Chrome - not the leading browser of course, but it has significant market share. 


      Does anyone out there have a Mac with Safari?  I know that often developers often codefor these two similarly, so I wonder what customers on Macs are seeing?