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    Need help with your HHI rental?

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      For a very low monthly cost I can help you manage and maintain your property. Oversee turnovers, perform needed repairs, and insure your guests have the vacation they expect. To see more go to www.hhipropertyservice.com

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          Hi homecareguy,


          You would be doing youself a better service if you posted your message (above)  in this Community Forum's "Vendor Showroom"...so your message does not disappear....because it will disappear from view very soon and not be easily seen by anyone if you leave it here in the "owner discussion forum". That would be too bad for you because there might be some potential business that will be lost.  When owners are looking for services such as yours in their locations, they'll find them, and you, in the "Vendor Showroom".


          Just go to the top of this page and choose "Resources"....the drop-down box includes a choice for "Vendor Showroom"....go there and upload a FREE advertisment for yourself that will stay on this website indefinitely.