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    How do I change my property's default PDP plan coverage?

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      I noticed a concerning change about purchasing Property Damage Protection through CSA (in addition, of course, to the 50% premium hikes that happened overnight and without warning.)  I've always been able to choose which level of coverage I prefer on a booking-by-booking basis.  But for the last few bookings before the premium hike, I have been choosing the maximum amount of coverage (formally $59, now $89). 


      This time, when I attempted to choose the mid-level premium for $69, a pop-up window informed me that I had not chosen the "default" plan of coverage for my property listing, and my only choice was to allow PDP to change it to the maximum amount of $89. I was completely unable to purchase a different level of coverage as before.


      In what world does this make sense? I don't remember ever setting a "default" plan of coverage in my account, so was that chosen for me arbitrarily or because the last few were the maximum plan??  I logged into HA and do not see anything indicating a choice of policy coverage.  Absolutely unacceptable.


      So, I ask how is it we can change this mysterious "default" plan in our HA account so that I can proceed with booking my pre-paid reservation policies with out losing considerable amounts of money?

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          Call CSA at (877) 880-0975, for some unknown reason, once you select your first PDP level, it defaults to that level for all your future purchases, and you cannot change it online. You may obtain a different coverage on a one time basis by calling or request that your coverage level be changed permanently (or until you call again).


          I agree with you, it does not make sense, when I inquired about it, they told me it was a legal issue to avoid discrimination, but we all discriminate on prices and the dollar is always green. In my case, I offer one low level for short term renters and a higher level to large groups, long term or parties. I cannot honestly recommend a $89 fee to a $350 weekend stay but it makes perfect sense to a party.


          Hope this helps,