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    VRBO – please hide owner’s telephone number

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      I think VRBO should not display outright owner’s phone number; instead, hide it and make it a clickable field Inquirers needs to click on to display telephone number. Here is a sample at kijiji.ca website.  Owners are getting too many solicitation calls and my suspicion is that the phone numbers of owner are being harvested at VRBO. This will thwart web crawler apps designed to harvest phone numbers. In addition, VRBO can add html coding so that whenever the field is clicked on, the IP address is picked up for pattern analysis. Anyone conducting an abnormally high amount of clicking in a given period of time runs the risk of blacklisting their IP so that owner’s phone number will not get displayed. This is will thwart manual harvesting phone numbers. Of course they can call VRBO if they want to be removed from the Blacklist, but they will have some explaining to do.