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    A day in the life of a property owner dealing with HA/VRBO/EXPEDIA

    koko Active Contributor

      So yesterday my listing expired and I go to my dashboard to reset everything to PPB. Well there was no such thing.

      Call CS and I am told that after midnight the property would now be listed as PPB and all is well.

      TODAY I go into my dashboard and see this:

      VRBO 2020.jpg

      well this is the authorization and I click it away because that one is not due until 3/2/2020.

      So I am warned I won't get ANY payouts (not just the preferred ones I was lured into before) if I don't.......

      I proceed to my status:

      the listing is LIVE

      the status is subscription.

      NO PPB.

      I caLL  CS again and this time she goes into my dashboard and I see a change to PPB. GREAT thank you!

      And oh by the way someone wants to book and can't - I sent an approval and she cannot submit payment - what to do?

      Oh CS says, have her call CS for travelers and pay that way.

      Wow, that is inviting and customer friendly!

      The next email tells me that I lost a booking - from another guest:


      VRBO2 yapstone.jpg

      Yapstone is really hurting to do that chargeback.


      On to better things I get this email from the guest who tried to book for 5 hours!



      yay, this took a bit to complete but glad it finally went through!!


      So my first guest on PPB has managed to book and all is well!


      Glad to have everything behind me for today I get this one last email from VRBO:


      VRBO3 delist.jpg


      While typing here, this email was received from the guest who had trouble booking:



      All set!! I ended up using VRBO but will stick with Airbnb from now on. I found VRBO to be unnecessarily complicated and when I called their customer service because my card would not go through ( I actually tried 3 cards and even checked with my cc company to be sure that wasn't the problem) they were rude and hard to speak with. It was easier to search for a place on the VRBO site but aside from that really not user friendly!
      Thanks , looking forward to the trip:)

      I am exhausted with this incompetent way of doing things and making me more work than ever before. I have other things to do than try to straighten out a company's constant blunders and mistakes. In all honesty, the other platforms do not have ANY of these issues - why can't HA get it's act together?