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    UPDATE Guest wants to cancel but I get this message from Vrbo

    captmarkhd Senior Contributor

      So I had a guest that booked last week now want to cancel, no problem it’s within the cancellation period.

      But when I go to review and cancel the reservation the system tells me that Our system indicates that you have already been paid. Payments will not be automatically refunded and that I need to refund the payment before canceling. Well I haven’t been paid yet, I’m not on advance payments and won’t be paid until mid August. And I nust checked the payment, there’s not even an Option on refunding the payment??????
      Update: I tried to cancel this reservation and got an error message. I called PPCS and they confirmed that I am not on early payments and that I haven’t been paid. When they tried to cancel they got the same error mesg. and sent it off to tech.