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    Advice for how to get my Vrbo case truly researched and not a script solution that doesn't address the issue?

    scowol Active Contributor

      Hi ha-moderator-amanda  ha-moderator-meriah   (and anyone else with advice!),


      You had both responded on my this post (Re: Getting Vrbo Text Alerts for EVERY incoming/outgoing Vrbo email) but there's been no solution, and my case was closed without anyone truly understanding the actual issue.   I'm at a point of being desperate for someone to truly look at my case and *hear* (even if for just a moment) what my issue is regarding a system defect affecting me (and some others who posted).


      The issue is that I've been unnecessarily getting a text alert for every single transaction possible under the sun.  Seriously, if a guest so much as replies to an email and says "Thx!"  I get a text alert from Vrbo.  When Vrbo sends an automated email, such as for an installment payment invoice,  I get a text alert. 


      I ultimately created a case at the suggestion of the HA mod.   I explained on the phone multiple times to the CS rep what the issue was, and they begrudgingly created a case ticket.   Today I got an email that my case was closed and said it's functioning normally.

      HA Case email.png



      As I had described in my first post, and also to the CS rep, I am getting a text for every single transaction, and, the instructional help article does not match the actual functions available to me.   Per the HomeAway help article  https://help.homeaway.com/articles/How-do-I-receive-text-alerts-SMS-when-a-traveler-submits-an-inquiry, owners are provided three choices:


      • Send me all traveler messages with the ability to reply via text
      • Only notify me for initial inquiries & booking requests
      • Don't send me any text messages


      I have only ONE choice:

      SMS alerts.png



      I'm a bit exasperated on what to do next?