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    Lead time of vrbo advertising?

    u0999 Premier Contributor

      I have posted about this before. I do not know all the markets, but I would think in many if not most US markets that do book for March, it would be already booked in Feb.

      I get this in my email this  morning:



      Here are my average booking lead times for my 3 cabins in 2019.

      Those may be best vacation spots.. as such, they would be booked at least back in Dec.

      I wish Vrbo snapped out of last-minute hotel mindset.

      That email should have gone out late Dec or early Jan.


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          feibus Senior Contributor

          I had an open week starting Feb 29th that Vrbo just helped fill at full price.  Last open week I had until end of April.  So... it happens.  Not what I'd really like them to focus their marketing on -- we need help with summer bookings just now -- but getting that expensive week booked is appreciated anyway.


          UPDATE: did a quick look at what searches are being done now in my area... the bulk are between now and early August, with the biggest bulk in April and July 4 and December holidays.  Which tracks what I expect to book right now.  This message appears to be to drive late bookers to go book some of the open inventory, which is fine, that's needed.  But not the best message for what I need right now.

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            scottr Active Contributor

            I'm in a very short booking window market.  Typical booking is about 3 weeks out in winter. I have one week booked in Summer, and probably won't see much until May.  Winter is completely open in March - everyone is waiting for a snow forecast.

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              scowol Active Contributor

              People are going to book for when they want/can travel.  I can't imagine an email suggesting great places for "next month" would be a deterrent for a traveler looking for a summer getaway.