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    Getting Vrbo Text Alerts for EVERY incoming/outgoing Vrbo email

    scowol Active Contributor

      Hi All,


      Is anyone aware of a change or new Vrbo feature that triggers a text message for absolutely every inbound and outbound email that is being sent through the Vrbo plaform?   I only want an alert when I get a booking or inquiry (which is the way it previously worked). Now I get everything.  If a guest simply emails me on an existing, already booked reservation, I get a text.  The text for the guest Carling was the guest replying "Thanks!"  That's it.  Now am getting texts (multiple) when Vrbo sends a payment request email to a guest.  None of these are inquiries or booking notifications.


      Any ideas where there may be settings to turn this off?   I can't find any settings, so I'm speculating things have gone haywire.  But if anyone has ideas, I'll welcome the input!


      P.S.  I know I can rely on the Vrbo owners app for alerts, but having apps running 24/7 in the background drains my battery. So I have preferred to get SMS text alerts.