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    Cancellation refund not correct default

    5boys New Member

      We have our cancellation policy set for 0% refund if cancellation is requested within 60 days of arrival - 100% otherwise.  We have this set up within VRBO options so it's known by the system.  We just had someone request cancellation with less than 60 days until arrival.  They system notified me of the cancellation request but when I go into the reservation to accept the cancellation, everything on the page is set as a default to return 100% of the money.  Yes, I can override this on the form but I have to provide a REASON?  I have to justify my own policy and go through 5 extra steps to complete the request according to the rules the system allowed me to specify in the first place? 


      Has anyone else seen this?  I suspect this happened because the dates were close...their check-in is 51 days from now but the check-out is 54 days from now...neither > 60 days.  It's almost like the site it trying to pressure me into being 'nicer' on my policy.  I won't justify the strictness on my policy here as that isn't the point.  Curious if others have seen this behavior and does this "pressure to refund as a default' happen even if it was very close to check-in?