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    Here is an idea for the site... just stop.. give it a break.

    u0999 Premier Contributor

      It is said that when you find yourself in a hole, 1st thing you should do is STOP DIGGING. It seems that vrbo is intent to dig itself into a deeper and deeper hole.

      I would like to make a suggestion to be taken to the powers-that-be: leave the site alone, let it stabilize; stop improving, changing, altering, experimenting, A/B testing, introducing tools no one asked for.  It seems to introduce more and more bugs. Bugs are having bugs. Work only on important stuff (like NOT having double refunds). While IT (or higher ups) are experimenting, Airbnb is eating you'alls lunch and running circles around you even in the markets where it was previously an unknown entity - maybe because travelers leave vrbo site in frustration, inundated by bugs, glitches, irrelevant search results and ads for Motel 6s. Just an idea. Thank you.

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