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    How to know if renter purchased trip insurance?

    jeanne38654 Contributor

      If a guest purchases trip insurance, does that show up in the payments as an amount collected from the guest? Or do owners not know either way?

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          bonesxxx Active Contributor

          Under Reservation Details

          Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 10.29.30 PM.png

          Click on "View full traveller payment"


          Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 10.28.49 PM.png


          If they chose the property damage protection, it would show up here.  I assume you mean damage protection and not trip insurance.  If not and you really mean trip insurance, you wouldn't know that nor need to know that.  It's between them and policy writer who refunds them if they cannot complete the travel.  Not sure why you would care?

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              jeanne38654 Contributor

              No, I meant travel insurance. I have a guest cancelling on me last minute due to emergency. I don't have to refund her *anything*. But, I was going to refund a portion for goodwill (and then try to rebook). The reservation was for Feb 1 - March 1. It will NOT book a full month this late.


              However it occurs to me - is it possible for this lady to have travel insurance, receive money back from insurance company AND then I've given her $$, too? That sounds awful that I would think that, but I've seen folks do all sorts of things......


              I guess I have to just do what I think is right and leave it at that, huh? ;-)

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                  green_mango Active Contributor

                  Usually, if a guest has travel insurance and makes a claim the insurer will reach out to the owner to confirm if any refund, or if no refund was given.


                  I've not been able to see on my end if a guest purchased travel insurance through VRBO (they can get it outside of VRBO also), but you could always ask them if they happened to buy it in advance.

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                    wildiris Senior Contributor

                    I assume that the guest is being honest with you and her traveling companion really has suffered an aortic rupture and is in the hospital and about to undergo open heart surgery.  The guest may have purchased travel insurance when she first made her reservation.  But, if she didn't, why should you issue her a refund and take the financial loss because she did not  buy travel insurance?  I've had similar situations come up a couple of times.  I tell the guest that I will give them a refund if I am able to re-rent their dates.  (That way, I am not profiting on their misfortune, but neither am I taking the financial loss for their decision not to purchase travel insurance.)

                    Have the guest cancel her reservation so that you aren't penalized by Vrbo for cancelling.  When the guest cancels, you can refund the cleaning fee and damage deposit.  If you are able to re-rent some or all of her month-long stay, you can then refund her whatever you have been able to collect as rent for her cancelled stay.  If you want, you can also ask her if she'd like you to offer the dates at a discounted price to try to entice another traveler to re-book her dates.

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                        jeanne38654 Contributor

                        She did not volunteer that she had purchased insurance. I sent her several messages last night offering credit, or to rebook, even offered partial refund (and she did respond!) and finally this morning she did say she DID PURCHASE INSURANCE! So Yay!!


                        But now the vrbo site isn't allowing me to cancel, lol. I started a new thread on that. (Tried to start a chat session. But chat doesn't seem to be working. It starts, then ends.)


                        She initiated the cancellation. I clicked the "cancel reservation" button and nothing happens. Nothing. It just sits there. I'm a web developer, and it looks like that button isn't active. So.....bleh. Nothing is easy, huh? ;-)


                        I'm going to keep trying to start a chat session until this gets fixed I guess.


                        Thank you!!!

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                    hmmmm Senior Contributor

                    The onerous is on them.
                    When they have it, they will request from you info.

                    But the insurance company will pay, their rent and taxes,

                    You will refund the cleaning fee, other fees and refundable damage.

                    It should be painless on all parties

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                        ohst8er Premier Contributor

                        jeanne38654, what hmmmm said, if they have traveler's insurance, let that be their refund.  You refund exactly what hmmm mentioned, cleaning fee, other fees, and refundable damage deposit.  


                        Everyone should purchase travelers insurance if they are out money for their travels (we do not purchase when we are traveling to OUR condo, in our car, only if we pay airfare or lodging somewhere else).


                        We've had to file a claim twice, and both times we were made whole.  It's worth every penny.