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    Guest showing as Paid, but...No Deposit Statement email - No Disbursement Date

    3seasbeach Contributor

      Need assistance from one of our Community Moderators please.  I have an incoming guest that shows they have paid their 2nd payment on January 3rd.  However, there is no disbursement date nor details of when the deposit should go into my account.  I have not received my normal Deposit Statement email as well.  Normally, all of this detail is posted within a few hours, at the most on the following day after the payment has been made.


      On January 15th, I called CS and spoke to Iva.  After several minutes on hold, Iva stated that the disbursement is showing as "processing".  Iva created  a ticket and assigned case number #24906890.  I would really appreciate a moderator's help, as I would like my payment.