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    Double Refunded SD...Asked us to collect money... Now, Payment refund has been cancelled..Asked us to refund the money...!!?? What next?

    maiha New Member

      Hi moderators,


      Please help me to understand this:


      I had 3 double refund security deposits.  I have been working with a billing specialist, CS about this issue and my guests.


      2 of the guests repaid me already.  I also did let  the billing specialist know who did repay.


      He acknowledged and sent this email to me today:


      "...Our technical development team is working on recovering the funds from your last guest automatically...."

      Later, I received this email from VRBO, not one, but 3 email sending to 3  guests who got the double refunds.

      Is VRBO trying to get the money back from the repaid guests, too?   If it is correct, SO MESSED UP.  


      I was calling the customer support.  He was clueless.  This is the email VRBO sent to my 3 guests.  Even worse, this email addressed from ME !!!




      payment refund 1.PNG

      payment refund 2.PNG