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    Ebbs and flows of bookings? Something more?

    u0999 Premier Contributor

      Usually Dec and especially Jan are busy booking months for us. I have 3 properties.


      By yesterday, I only had 4 bookings via VRBO for Dec and 1/2 Jan. From Dec 1 to today, here is where bookings came from. Note that "Direct Contact", "Referral" and "Blue Mountain Cabins" are all direct, which are 9 total. Airbnb is 2nd place with 7; Vrbo is 3rd place with 4; and SMBYO (regional site) is 4th place with 3. :


      Vrbo, given size and exposure, should be getting more.


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          feibus Senior Contributor

          I have no stats, but my season is kicking off a bit slower than usual.  On the other hand, I'm mostly booked already for the next four months, so it's possible that I'm just not available for the people who are currently looking.  Should start soon, though, parents need to figure out their summer camp and vacation weeks before they all book up.

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            wildiris Senior Contributor

            My 2020 year is actually shaping up quite well, although not because of bookings through Vrbo.  My vacancy rate is currently only 18%.  82% of my available 2020 dates have been booked already.  Of these bookings, 67% are repeat guests, 22% are new guests who booked directly with me, and 11% are new guests who booked through Vrbo.

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              bonesxxx Active Contributor

              I am a little slower this year as well.  However, my cabin is more of a "Hey, let's get away from it all for a few days" kind of destination and that urge won't strike people until it warms up a bit -- or at least the idea to satisfy the urge with a mountain cabin won't...


              I won't panic until March/April.  I'm also fortunate in that I live close enough to my single property that I can take advantage of the unbooked weekends to take Guinness the Wonder Dog down there to conduct 'necessary repairs and maintenance'