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    Need to disclose Webcam of ocean in contract?

    familyfirst Contributor


      We recently installed a webcam, 15 second shots, and it is of the ocean in front of our home, we are on a cliff very high up, so it's not a close beach picture at all. Do I need to disclose this? It's not a security camera and the webcam is on our website, it's not a secret. It's a far wide view of the ocean with a tiny strip of beach that shows every 15 seconds, so not a live picture per say. You can't make out anyone even if you could. People look like little dots.

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          green_mango Active Contributor

          Yes, I still would disclose and simply explain as you do above - on Airbnb if you don't disclose any camera (in a certain spot on your listing) then guests can get a full refund if they complain about it.  Turn it into a positive and share a screen shot with guests when you send their check in info.  During snowy weather I often send a screen shot so guests can see exactly how much snow we have on the roads etc...