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    Interesting ‘guest’ - Serial Reservation Canceller

    bonesxxx Active Contributor

      Should I keep her reservation? As you can see below, she reserved and then cancelled on me not once... not twice... not three or four times but on FIVE separate reservations (via ABB) in 2019. Now she just used IB to reserve Memorial Day weekend via Vrbo. She seems nice enough but I don’t need or want a cancellation for a key weekend.  Of course CS at VRBO won’t be able to see the history she has since her previous tomfoolery was all on Air...






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          planthealth Active Contributor

          Do you have booking rules in VRBO like they have to return a rental agreement within 72 hours or you can cancel?

          Or can you point out all your "flaws" in your place that might make her want to find a more suitable VR and cancel you on her own now vice waiting until you cannot rebook?

          Good luck.

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              bonesxxx Active Contributor

              Oh yea... she has already returned the signed RA. Her history is being perfectly nice and responsive and then cancelling out of nowhere.

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                  scowol Active Contributor

                  I would be cringing right now.   As the old proverb goes...  fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.


                  I am not using the proverb to suggest that this is your fault since she likely Instant booked.  You are sort of a victim in that regard, only to find she is a serial canceler.  But, she has cancelled on you five times already. I would not expect this time to be different.


                  If you don't want her to "hold your calendar hostage" for a key holiday, I would persuade her to cancel.  If she won't, she's likely to cancel in a few months anyhow based on her less than stellar track record.

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                    margaret CommunityAmbassador

                    I would call her to discuss all the previous cancellations. Explain that you are concerned due to her previous record of canceling. I would also change the cancelation policy to at least 60 days out. It won't help with this one but 30 days is often not enough time to rebook major holidays.

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                      wildiris Senior Contributor

                      I can't advise you on what you should do with her reservation.  Was there a pattern to her cancellations for her past five reservations?  Did she wait to cancel until right before the 100% refund deadline? 


                      The advice that I'm about to give won't help you with this guest, but I think it will help you avoid a similar problem in the future.  In my rental market, places book up months in advance.  If I have a "last minute" cancellation (for me, that's 30 days or less before the rental begins) it's difficult and sometimes impossible to find another renter for the cancelled dates.  I have a "no refunds" policy on Vrbo and I haven't noticed a negative effect on my bookings.  My actual cancellation policy - and the cancellation clause in my rental agreement - is that I if a guest cancels prior to 60 days before the rental begins, I will issue a refund to the guest IF (and only if) I am able to re-rent the dates.  My rental agreement states that no refunds will be provided if the guest cancels less than 60 days before the reserved dates.  In 10+ years of renting, I have only had 2 potential guests decide not to rent because of my cancellation/refunds clause.

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                      bonesxxx Active Contributor

                      I should have added that my cancellation policy is full refund if more than 30 days out. 50% refund between 14 and 30 days. And no refund if less than 2 weeks. I wish there was a way to make the cancellation policy different for different dates/seasons.

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                      hmmmm Senior Contributor

                      If, you are desperate take her, if not move on. 
                      Someone once said to me, "nice" is manipulative and kind is respectful.

                      She is using "nice" to manipulate you?

                      Just a thought

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                        twobitrentals CommunityAmbassador

                        I would just call her and tell her that based on her last cancellations you are not comfortable with her reservation and that she will need to cancel and find something else.


                        Most people will cancel if you let them know that your home won’t work for their visit.


                        I Wouldn’t take that chance again, nice or not

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                          5boys New Member

                          I would definitely change the refund window for your situation.  My reason for saying this is that I've found that VRBO itself has changed the likelihood of cancellations significantly - by how they market to our customers.


                          I've rented our property since 2012 and had the same cancellation rules in place the entire time (prior to 60 days, 100% refund...after that nothing).  In the first 5-6 years we had 1-2 cancellations.  In the past 1-2 years I've had 10 or more.  All but 1 was before the 60 day window but I investigated this from the customer booking experience.  VRBO has changed the site to include quite a lot of bragging verbage like 'cancel before 60 days for 100% refund'   or 'cancel before xxx date for 100% refund' - which just encourages people to book when they aren't really sure about their plans.  This wording and booking promotion is the only reason I can account for such a drastic change in our booking experiences.  It's been very disappointing and frustrating for us but as long as VRBO is going to MARKET cancelling, you really should consider protecting your profits a bit more aggressively.


                          Good luck!

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                              bonesxxx Active Contributor

                              I get that and thank you for the perspective.  I totally agree that all the "No Fault" booking offers the OTRs are making has caused a spike in cancellations.


                              In my case, my rental is also my 'happy place' hunting cabin / retreat.  I don't have a mortgage on it and I basically rent it to cover taxes, maintenance, upkeep, and the occasional upgrade (i.e. new tractor or quad).  When I get cancellations, it just means I get to grab Guinness the Wonder Dog and head down for some R&R (er, I mean, repair and maintenance projects, ahem).