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    New Payment Platform Terms - Link is broken

    lisarenee New Member


      I've agreed to the new payment terms - without being able to read them! In the attachment, you'll see it says, "Click the link below..."

      The link isn't found. I tried to change it to VRBO as well, but "I got nuthin." 

      I called CS and they can't find them to share with me. Basically told me I've switched to the new platform, so I'm good. That didn't solve my problem, but got me off a 20 minute phone call of them trying to find them. I asked to speak to the payment department, but they don't take calls.

      I see where others here have read them, but I have not been able to do so. Customer Service says I'm set up in the new payment platform which is great, but I REALLY would like to be able to read and print the new terms and keep them for future reference.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.