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    A "heads up" - your guests may be receiving "unusual activity" alerts from their bank regarding HomeAway Payments

    wildiris Senior Contributor

      I just wanted to make owners aware that our guests may be receiving "unusual activity notices" from their bank regarding HomeAway Payments.  I just made the second payment as a traveler on an upcoming stay at a Vrbo.  (I didn't receive a reminder from HomeAway - I initiated the payment on my own as a traveler.)  I received the following notice from my bank  -

      Immediate action required: Please review recent card activity

      We detected some unusual activity on your XXXX card ending in XXXX.

      Do you recognize these transactions?







      HomeAway xxxx






      Presumably, I received the notice because the credit card charge was processed in Dublin, Ireland.  It shouldn't be a big deal for most guests, but there may be some guests who are alarmed by this.  I just wanted other owners to be aware of this if a guest contacts you with questions.