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    How do I adjust quote if guest reduced number of nights staying?

    erjomiller Contributor

      Guest booked for three nights.  Guest just reduced to two nights.  If I change dates on VRBO it give me two options.  1)  refund the initial deposit which i don't quite understand since they are still coming.  or 2) will not allow me to change the quote at all.  I read somewhere the quote can be changed after the next payment request is sent, which will be in March.  As of now, the quote information looks strange because it shows the same total due for two nights as it did for the original three.  Do I have to wait until March to cancel that deposit reminder and send a revised one?  For now I've given the guest a new quote via VRBO emails, but it would be nice to be able to change the actual quote for this change now vs. waiting until March.  Is there another way?  Thanks.


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          scowol Active Contributor

          You said that the guest booked, but are referencing quotes.  Quotes are only for inquiries/pre-approvals.  If the guest is booked, they have a balance due--not a quote.


          It sounds like you are stating that there is still an outstanding payment request. You have a few options that you can do immediately:


          1. You can cancel the outstanding payment request, and then create a new payment request for the amount that reflects the reduced amount due, or...
          2. You can issue a PARTIAL refund now on the first payment that was made (this option will keep keep the remaining outstanding payment as-is, and the damage deposit will be included automatically and refunded automatically.
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            erjomiller Contributor

            So I thought I'd give it a try and cancel the second payment to reissue the proper amount...advice to others...do NOT cancel that second payment request until after it's been sent.  It did not give me the option to resend another "regular" payment request for that second installment, but showed just the initial deposit as the total amount to be received for the entire reservation.  So I had to initiate a new payment request for a "special fee" which only has certain descriptions (none being an adjustment to balance due for the number of nights).   Examples are:  Admin fee, parking fee, cleaning fee, none of which apply here.    Only good thing is I could specify it's due date of April 1.  But now it looks strange in the "Payment" screen on my end, but at least it's correct for the final amount due from the guest.  Still learning here - but should have waited until it was sent in March...even though that seems like something that VRBO could address and allow us to do.  Thx.