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    Pre-Approval Countdown Clock

    bonesxxx Active Contributor

      If I understand it correctly, pre-approvals place a tentative reservation on your Vrba/HA calendar which, in turn, sometimes blocks the dates on other platform calendars.


      The timer is set to kick the tentative reservation after 3 days.  My question for the group is: Is there a way to shorten the timer duration to something more favorable to the owner -- especially when someone is holding a key weekend like Valentine's Day?


      If not, can I make a suggestion via the moderators that you bubble this up as an owner suggestion?  It would be nice to be able to reduce it to at least 48 hours.  Any guest should be able to pull the trigger in two days.  It seems silly to block the dates for 3 entire days.

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          crcasablanca Contributor

          I don’t know the answer to your question.  Why do you want to do a pre-approval for a key weekend?  Why do a pre-approval for any time period since it locks up your calendar and any synced calendars.  Let the potential guest know that it is available at this time and that you make reservations on a first come first served basis and that this is high demand weekend in your area.

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              bonesxxx Active Contributor

              Good question.  99% of the time when someone says they are ready to book, they book right away.


              When a guest says, "great how do I book?" I send them a pre-approval. It's the only time I do.

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                  wildiris Senior Contributor

                  I never, ever "pre-approve" a guest.  As far as I can tell, "pre-approving" someone has no benefit whatsoever for an owner.  All that it does is tie up dates for a traveler who hasn't really made up his mind yet whether he will book your vacation rental.  (And, he may never decide to book your vacation rental.)  Believe it or not, I've never had any guest who found me on Vrbo ask me "how do I book?"  If they did, I'd tell them to go to my listing, fill in the dates and information in the upper right corner and click the "Book Now" button.

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                    scowol Active Contributor

                    Same as wildiris says. I never, ever, ever pre-approve. Keep in mind also that when you pre-approve, you don't earn any credit for accepting a booking in your metrics.  The reason is because you are not "accepting" a booking request, or a booking.  You initiated the booking and so you toss away that free point away every time into the garbage can.  The former HA mod confirmed this years ago, so I stay away from the pre-approval tab like the plague. Of course, this could have changed (like everything does with the site).  If so, l  nonetheless prefer to demonstrate to Vrbo that I accept every booking.  There's just no benefit to an owner to pre-approve. 

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                  mauitime103 Contributor

                  Even with a preapproval/instant booking I give the guest 24-hours max to submit a signed rental agreement along with copies of their government issued ids.  I agree with the others, handing out a 3-day tentative calendar block is not a good business practice.  Especially without guest putting $ down, i.e., deposit.  I found deviating from an established business practice will backfire.  No good deed goes unpunished :-)

                  And yes, right after the booking is when I send the reminders of my 24-hour mandatory requirement, "cos I'd hate for them to lose their reservation".

                  Good luck!

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                    ha-moderator-macy HomeAway Employee

                    bonesxxx This is great feedback. We will make sure this gets bubbled up to the correct team. You can cancel a pre-approval after it has been made. There is no penalty to your metrics if you cancel a pre-approval. This is open your calendar back up, and when they are ready to book, they will still be able to.

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                      green_mango Active Contributor

                      I just never pre-approve.


                      However, if you do, then you can update your sync settings to *not* include tentative dates - when you're on VRBO and getting your calendar export link you'll want to uncheck the box that defaults to include tentative reservations - that way only blocked/reserved dates will be exported (not tentative).

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                        ohst8er Premier Contributor

                        The only time I EVER have done a pre-approval is if I have to change a quote, and ONLY when the guest tells me they are ready to book, and are sitting at their computer with card in hand.  THEN AND ONLY THEN will I send them a pre-approval.  If there is no change to a quote, they can simply book online when they get around to it.