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    Guest reservation shows paid no payout date after 3 days

    puttermac10 Contributor

      I had a very expensive booking occur.  The payment details shows paid with visa and the date but no payout date.  I have 3 other properties and other bookings on this property with no issues. I called CS and got no help they say I can't call billing and they can't see to be sure the payment went through with no issue.  So I have dates blocked and don't know for sure that there are funds collected.  My policy is half to book - if I were getting to manage the money I could solve this immediately by rerunning the card, taking another form of payment...now I don't get access to payment stuff and I am stuck with a "possible" booking blocking my calendar on a busy booking weekend for the ski season.  This is really not acceptable that I can't get an answer until Monday because the billing department can't be reached until then and even then not by me I just have to wait.  It is unacceptable that this has been taken so out of our hands we can't immediately deal with an issue when it happens.  This is my business not VerBO's!! We are the customer and when we have a problem if they are not going to let me handle it then they should be better at fixing it.  "Escalating" means nothing when it will be a day or so.  If you aren't going to work on the weekends then give me the ability to manage my own payments if I want to

      .  This is why every property owner I know is working on other options to transition away from VRBO.ha-moderator-macyha-moderator-amanda@