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    BEWARE!!! Changes not saving

    puttermac10 Contributor

      A few different instances with different properties but basically things I put in be it rates or hiding a property that isn't available don't save my changes.  I have hidden a property about 10 times a few days ago only to have it show back up each time and even get inquires while I was trying to do it.  Now all of my properties are showing a monthly discount all year when I have multiple times tried to make it only before and after rental season.  I just had someone do an instant booking and get a monthly discount when they should not be able to.  I checked my other properties and sure enough when I take the discount out of the high season it says "saved" then shows back up in a few minutes!  I am so tired of the system causing me problems!  People are having too much money taken out, I am having rentals booked for too little money - this has to stop!  I have to ask the renter to cancel - yeah right - or I get dinged for it.  These things are happening too often.  Oh and when I called CS they were having system problems and couldn't get me a case number - why am I not shocked? ha-moderator-macysamantha_hasamantha_ha