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    Direct Deposit Email missing the Transaction Fees

    aoe2002 New Member

      I have switched to the new Vrbo Payment system but when they send the emails they just display the deposit amount.  The old Yapstone email showed a Deposit Breakdown where it also displayed the transaction fee.  This was very nice as it allowed me to use that email for my accounting records.  Is there anyway we can go back to this?  I know the "new" reporting section provides this data, but it does so in a very bad layout for record keeping purposes.  Hard to print/store on one page, and very small without having to edit it.


      if Yapstone can send the breakdown of the deposit in the email confirmation, why cant Vrbo?  I am sure I am not the only person who noticed and hates this new change.

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          wildiris Senior Contributor

          I don't rely on the accuracy of anything that Vrbo sends me.  I calculate for myself the amount of money that I should receive from Vrbo for each payment.  It's a royal pain, but it is what it is.  For example, I have guests make two payments.  The first payment that a guest makes on Vrbo includes my reservation deposit (50% of the rent and cleaning fee), the state sales tax on the entire amount of payments to be made, and Vrbo's traveler service fee.   I calculate for myself how much money Vrbo should be sending me from the guest's first payment as well as from the guest's second payment.


          I have created a single Excel spreadsheet for all of my rental payments (both direct and through OTAs).  It has a lot of columns!