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    New email from Homeaway about Early Payments? Is this legit or a scam?

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      If you don't complete the steps, you'll be paid after a traveler checks in
      Dear Property Owner or Manager,


      You're close to completing your requirements for Vrbo's early payout program!* or remain in the early payout program, make sure you have completed the following steps by January 31st.


      Review and print detailed instructions here, a red dot will appear next to each step you haven't completed.
      1. Go to the Payment Options page and click the "Add bank" button. You must add a bank account to each of your listings (tax forms may be required).
      2. Complete a Direct Debit Authorization form for each bank account
      If you don't complete the required steps by Jan 31, 2020, you'll receive future payouts after the traveler checks in.
      Complete the form here
      Thank you,
      The Vrbo Team