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    Guest wants me to split final payment invoice for damage deposit refund

    scowol Active Contributor

      Hi All,


      This is an eye-roller of another request that a guest has made...


      I have a booked guest (couple 1) who is traveling with another couple (couple 2).  Couple 1 has already made the first payment.  They now want the second payment split out so that couple 2 can pay the rest, but couple 1 will pay the damage deposit.  Couple 1 wants to pay the damage deposit and have it refunded entirely to couple 1.    I know from experience and the small print next to the current final payment that the damage deposit is collected and always refunded to the same card that the final payment was made.  I know I can cancel the outstanding payment invoice, and create two new invoices.  But my question is if I cancel the existing payment, will Vrbo still follow the same sequence, and automatically refund the final payment/invoice (up to the damage deposit amount)?   That's what I want/need to have happen.


      Has anyone had any experience canceling/adjusting outstanding invoices and recall if Vrbo will add the damage deposit to a manually created invoice?   Or will I need to manually trigger a damage deposit refund?  These guest are going to be high maintenance based on this request, and others unrelated to this. So I really want to get this correct before making changes blindly.  




      P.S.  Both couples are listed on the RA and the primary for each couple signed the RA, so this does not pertain to that topic.