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        God....send us someone with a Vacation Rental Website................. Vacation Rentals Really By Owners (VRRBO). 


        I want the maximum Ad and I have 2 I want to dump!

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          Okay fellow property owners, now it's time to do something about this huge issue which affects all of us 100%. Perhaps we need to form our own group?  How do we do that? Any ideas?  It will take someone who has experience with website design knowledge and many who are willing to begin a new site.  VRBO is obviously not listening because nothing is being done to alleviate the problem and as many said, what does vrbO mean? Vacation Rental By OVER-SATURATION by Others?  Allowing realtors/management companies to sell properties here violates the very premise of the site.  I think we need to find a way to come together as a group and deal with this directly. Suggestions? Please? Shame on VRBO and Homeaway.


          Our own Chamber of Commerce forced out everyone who was not listing their properties with the local rental agencies on our island. So unless registered with these agencies and giving them full power and 15% fees of our properties, property owners were not allowed to advertise with this chamber. That cut marketing down to nothing; but once vrbo and homeaway got into the picture, it was a new story -- and a good one too.


          However, I foresee the same trend happening here.  Does it all have to come down to MONEY!?  What about integrity by these two sites? Perhaps it should be called something new -- something that reflects their new business philosophy!

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            Ive been watching this discussion closely eager to do something. So Ive created a group in linkedin (private). If your interested in joinin a group to discuss this, Here is the link. You will need to request to join.

            The group name is VR by Owners Initiative.




            • 18. FIGHT BACK!  Competing with REALTORS on Homeaway & VRBO!
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              You are onto something good here.....imagine the listings!!!!  And I would be willing to tell all my contacts from rentals and inquires. 

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                See dava's  post and now we have a group!!!  We can do this and it can work!!!!!  Come on  people now, gather together.....right now!!! Forrest would be proud.

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                  See dava's post, we have a group let's go!!!!

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                    See dava's post we have a way to get this done. Christine Karpowski listen up!!!!!!!!!

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                      Vacation Rentals by Others is what you have!!! See posts below and we have a group that will you can join!

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                        Come on all, we have to do this as a unified group and they will listen!!!   Join the linked-in group.  It will be done!!!!

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                          Say it louder and clearer, we have a group and we can get it done.  No fees, no alternate agenda......no property managers, no abuse, no non-retrobution.......who woud have thunk!!!!  Lets get on the agenda, see you there and get the linked-in group going!!!!!

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                            We have a group going and we are on board to get our voices heard, please join in and make sure VRBo/Homeaway and Christine Karpowski hears what the true owners want and will pay for.  The linik fo the linked-in is below.  Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!

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                              You can make your voice heard, please vist linke-in and sign up!! If we all make enough noise we can influence change........it only takes a few minutes!!!

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                                Here is your chance to make a difference, go to the linked-in site and register and we will force this issue.  It is a mater of a mom and pop ioperation that sold out to the corporote greed.  Where oh, where will a Bill Gates step in.........hopefully soon.  Please join the site!!!

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                                  Ever heard of Google?  Those ads with toll free telephone numbers or 99.9% of the telephone numbers in the (resort city or town) are not "by owner"!


                                  Take my complex in North Myrtle Beach, SC; there are 53 ads on VRBO from that complex....there was around 28, 2 years ago.  Of those 53 ads....10 are by Realtors and 13 are by Property Managers.  Personally I have no problems with Property Managers....if they have an ad for each condo or home they rent out and they have a calendar that they keep up with for each property.  That's something that VRBO should require..... that each property have an ad and that each ad is kept up with.


                                  Where's the big problem I see.....here's the BIG PROBLEM.  Why do the Realtors not have an ad calendar or possibly have an ad calendar with weeks always available.....here's why>>>>>  Con. Realty has 4 ads on VRBO in my complex.....they rent out 25 condos in my complex however and use the 4 ads to bolster all 25 rentals......they do it on the cheap too.  E. Realty has 1 ad and 7 condos....using the ad for all 7.  C.T. has 1 ad and 7 condos using the ad.  G.S. Realty has 1 ad and 40 condos using that 1 ad.....they don't have a calendar so until all forty are full, the ad is used.


                                  When I came to VRBO is was owned by David and Lynn Clouse, who started the website as a way to rent their Breckenridge, CO ski condo.  What did Founder/Webmaster David Clouse say about VRBO?.....


                                  "Property OWNERS can "list" their properties on the VRBO website by completeing an online application which asks a series of questions about the property...OWNER can post photos of the properties...we charge an annual fee.  Renters Contact the property OWNERS directly to rent the property, we do not collect commission."


                                  "To Promote Privately Owned Vacation Rental Properties" - Website vision, goal


                                  Actually what HomeAway is allowing would not hold up in COURT!  We should take them there.



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                                    GoneFishin did a great job of outlining the problem with realtors and why it hurts the individual HO to have them on the site.  I have no problem competing with them or other owners except for this one fact:  When a realtor lists one property and does not keep the calendar up to date they receive leads they do not deserve and have not paid for. They steal leads from paying Owners and refer these leads to another non listed property. The lead is a VRBO lead that does not return to the VRBO listings system for another house to rent.  When my unit is taken for the week, as indicated by my up to date calendar, the lead rightfully goes to another listing on VRBO.  I find it had to believe HomeAway doesn't get this.  The realtor is ripping off HA by listing one property then stealing VRBO leads from other paying customers.


                                    HA at the very least should make Realtors/managers list all properties in their inventory and make them keep their calendars up to date.  Since this may be impossible a separate site should be created for them and they should be removed from the VRBO site.

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