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    Scam Alert

    margaret CommunityAmbassador

      Several owners reporting on social media that they have received this scam notification.





      This is an urgent notification regarding your account with HomeAway/VRBO.
      We’d like to let you know that your account is currently under review.
      In order to help protect the internet community, HomeAway Ltd. requires your account contact information to be verified.
      Due to security reasons, we cannot keep your listing(s) live if we don't receive the required information.
      If this information is not received within ten (10) business days your account(s) will be set for termination in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

      Please supply us with the following:

      1. Governmental ID (driver`s license or passport) front and back.
      2*. Credit/Debit Card front and back, used to pay for the listing(s).
      3. A copy of a bank statement no more than 60 days old for proof of address.

      If you only manage the properties listed under your account, we will also require the following information:

      1. A copy of the property owner`s valid photo ID (driver`s license or passport) front and back.
      2*. A copy of the owner's Credit/Debit Card front and back, used to pay for the listing(s).
      3. A copy of a bank statement no more than 60 days old for proof of address.

      * IMPORTANT : Step 2 is mandatory ONLY if your HomeAway subscription is paid by credit card.

      Failure to send the required documents in time will lead to your listing(s) being removed from the site.
      All documents must have all 4 corners visibile. Please make sure that all information is clear and legible.

      You may attach scanned copies of this information by replying to this message.

      We look forward to hearing back from you soon. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to reply to this message.

      Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
      Best Regards,
      Diana HomeAway Support

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          sanlord Active Contributor

          And a Merry Christmas to us all!  Thanks for the warning.


          Apparently there is no end to what they people will try.  So far I have been threatened by Social Security, all credit card companies, banks I have never used, Apple (never used), Microsoft, an insurance company I have never heard of, and of course the IRS who threatened to come to my house and shoot me!  Yep, that wonderful guy actually threatened me when I laughed at him.  

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              margaret CommunityAmbassador

              I think most owners would see this for the scam it is but you never know. I thought due to the recent change in payment processors some owners may think this was real. Better safe than sorry!

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                scowol Active Contributor

                sanlord   Wow!  They are now escalating the threat to shooting us!   Lucky me, I didn't have it so bad when the "IRS" said they were dispatching the police to merely throw me in jail.


                In the bigger picture, the sad thing about this is that most people are aware of scams, and consequently people avoid answering their phone from an unknown caller (since most are scam calls).  To provide an extra touch of personal service, I personally call each guest right after they book or inquire (99% of my guests are thrilled to talk to me, the owner, and express appreciation).  A few years ago, just about every guest answered their phone when I called.  Now I get their voicemail.  I leave a message and then knowingly wait for the immediate return call back--which typically occurs a few minutes after leaving the voicemail.

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                  wildiris Senior Contributor

                  Ah, I'm the lucky one.  I received an email from the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations bringing me "good tidings" that I can claim my "returned/recovered consignment" worth $10,500,000 as soon as I provide her with identifying information including my passport number and ID.

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                  scowol Active Contributor

                  I get these all the time.  If this needed to be posted as a warning, I guess that there are surprisingly some gullible people who think it's perfectly normal for a corporation to ask for front and back photocopies of their driver license and credit/debit card. I'm surprised the email doesn't also ask for their Social Security number and birth fingerprints.

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                    ha-moderator-amanda HomeAway Employee

                    Hi margaret, thank you for sharing this with the Community! We have forwarded this thread to the appropriate teams and as always, we advise everyone to forward suspicious emails like this to spoof@homeaway.com.