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    pre-approvals block linked calendars

    hangalen7 Contributor

      Did you know this? I wonder how many bookings I lost while HA's calendar was blocking all my synced calendars for tentative reservations. It doesn't matter if you choose to keep the dates available in HA it still exports the dates as blocked. I find it hard to believe that:


      1. HA doesn't know this

      2. That HA simply overlooked warning owners about it during the pre-approval process.


      I found a workaround. It requires deleting all your HA imported calendars on other platforms. Then going to HA calendar/import and uncheck the box that says "include tentative reservations." then copy the new link and go to all other platforms and paste the new link for importing. I have no idea if it works. Does anyone have an idea on how to test it? Maybe someone could make a tentative reservation on one of my properties?


      I had to cancel the pre-approval to stop the block and got two emails saying payment had been canceled on the reservation and the reservation had been canceled. Looking for all the world like I had canceled a confirmed and paid for reservation. Of course nothing at all in the process letting me know whether I will be penalized for canceling a pre-approval. I'll just have to wonder. I struggle to trust this platform b.c. it's full of pitfalls and unknowns like the two described here.