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    A perfect Example of why we NEED TRAVELER/OWNER Reviews Restored NOW!!!!

    bonesxxx Active Contributor

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      OK ha-moderator-daniel or any other mod... why was this unholy thing done to us?

      Here is a perfect example of why we need to be able to see the previous reviews of our guests.  One of my fellow owners clearly thought this guest was less-than-perfect.  Why for the love of all that's holy should that owner's insights be hidden from me?

      And, likewise, if the owner was a nit-picking ninny, why should I have reservations (ahem) about this guest if not warranted?  A simple peak at the review would be all that's required to put my mind at ease.

      The review system is peers helping peers and Vrbo has neutered it into something essentially worthless. The best indicator of future guest experience is prior guest experience. 

      It is unfair, unwise, and unhelpful to both me and the guest when this information is not shared.

      This one needs escalation/correction ASAP (as has been discussed here numerous times).