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    Advance/Early Payments for everyone?

    margaret CommunityAmbassador

      Several owners are reporting on another forum that PP CS is telling them that all accounts will be moved to Advanced/Early Payments by the end of the year. I thought there was some confusion with moving all accounts from Yapstone to the new processor but several owners are insisting that the information they were given is about payment prior to check in. ha-moderator-amanda 

      samantha_ha   Can you comment on this?

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          puttermac10 Contributor

          Can you also clarify is this per account or per property? Just now the VRBO CS told me each property has to “qualify” I asked because my new property is on pay per booking because I don’t want to commit to any terms if it won’t go when my other properties go (it has already had stays). He less very difficult to understand but did repeatedly clarify that it isn’t my account moving to adv pay but selected properties.  This is not how I understood it to be please clarify.






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              margaret CommunityAmbassador

              My understanding is that there is a criteria to be met for early payments. What is being discussed on another forum is that PP CS reps are telling multiple people that ALL accounts will be receiving early payments by year end. This doesn't sound plausible to me that is why I asked the moderators to comment.

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                floridagirl19 Contributor

                Having only some of my five properties on advance payouts and some on check in payments is going to be a NIGHTMARE to keep the accounting straight. So I will have to separate my properties so that the ones that get check in payments - I will have to account for that quirky payout method where normally we don't track the FIRST payment because that has NEVER been delayed like EVER.  The first payment was always expected to be PAID at the time of BOOKING to reserve the property.  Not getting paid at the time of booking is ridiculous especially for those of us with a NO REFUND POLICY.


                One person/business owns multiple properties and has ONE BANK ACCOUNT.  I sincerely hope VRBO is not considering advance payments on a per property basis - PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS - IT IS ALREADY CRAZY ENOUGH WITH THE ACCOUNTING AS IT IS CURRENTLY

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                timthek Active Contributor

                I agree, no chance this is happening Dec 1st. They haven't even transitioned everyone off of Yapstone yet. My money is on a "confused" or "misinformed" CSR who got the Dec 1st transition to Hyperwallet (in house) confused with advanced payments.

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                  ha-moderator-amanda HomeAway Employee

                  Hi margaret and everyone, we can confirm that this is not accurate. Eligibility for early payout varies on a case by case basis, and the criteria to determine eligibility is applied to each individual listing. With that being said, all accounts that are eligible will be migrated over our new payment system by the end of the year. We apologize for the confusion and we'll be sure to clarify this information so that our Support Team is providing accurate information. If you're still unsure of your status in terms of early payout eligibility, please call Customer Support.