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    How do I get Advance Pay Approval

    jamesramos New Member

      I leased our beach condo for the first time on Home Away and did not realize that my money is held till the client checks in.  I called HomeAway and Ellen whom I spoke with told me that someone was going to contact me - maybe - in the future to set up Advance Pay Approvals...all while I have been reading threads that so many folks are waiting and have heard the same news.


      To put in perspective, the lease starts in 5 weeks and for 48 days, and the cancellation window is clearly marked that client can not cancel in the 60 day window.  Also - did you know that Home Away charges the landlord for ALL credit card fee's processed, not equally weighted fee's for their take.  So here I am - I have leased my condo, paid 5% for rental fee on top of what the tenant pays, paid all the credit card fee's and Home Away has close to $12k sitting in their account of my money...till my client moves in...and then I will see the money??  The condo association charges $100 to process the application, which I guess I need to pay out of my pocket.


      Can someone please help offer some advice on how to get the funds released.

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          jamesramos New Member

          It’s been 34 days since my tenant paid in full, I have paid the association fee for my condo to get tenant approved out of pocket, and checked tenant in yesterday, yet still have not received payment for my million and a half dollar rental.  Homeaway still has my money.  When can I expect to be paid?  This is incredible.  Please someone respond.

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            timthek Active Contributor

            Yes. We are all aware of the situation. It sucks. And there is nothing you can do to change it. They decide if and when you get "advanced" payments. Otherwise, don't expect that money to hit your bank until at least 5 days after the guest arrives...especially if they arrive on a weekend or holiday.


            Also, since this is your first booking with their processor, even if you had advanced payments they'd still hold this one because it is the first one.


            You either accept the lousy terms they offer or take your business elsewhere and let your money talk. My calendar is blocked until they get their you know what in order.