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    Im on Advance Bookings, But last 2 bookings I've gotten I'm not getting paid until after guest check in

    kmcbhense Contributor

      16 property listings on VRBO, advanced booking status on all of them. The last 2 bookings that I have received, payment isn't until after guest check in next summer. When I can CS that don't have an answer and no ability to correct. The first one they told me to cancel the booking and have the guests resubmit again. I did that, and then the guests were so upset that they didn't rebook ($12,000 booking). Now the second time has just occurred, this one is a $16,000 booking.

      So we agree to the VRBO payment platform, but VRBO does not live up to there end of the bargain.  So how do we have any trust in the vrbo system moving forward?