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    Is Homeaway going to start sending 1099-MISC forms to IRS.  I use a rental agency and they report all my income on a 1099-MISC.

    lori70 Contributor

      Because I use a rental agency to handle my condos, I  send my income from HA to my agent's office.  They then process the money, take their commission and pay the state taxes from the amount I send them.  HA pays the county tax.  At the end of the year I get a 1099-MISC from my agent's office that reports all my income from my properties.  In accepting the new payment terms from HA/VRBO, which it seems we have no choice, I got an email from Homeaway.co.uk asking for me to fill out a W-9 for taxes.  I am not comfortable with my information being held by all these different partners of HA and am not sure why I need to give a United Kingdom sect of HA any information.  Mostly I need to know if income will be reported otherwise it will be double reported.  I am very disappointed with the HA family.  My inquiries from them are now practically non-existent.  This may be my last year with them.  Not worth all the headaches and hassle for so few rentals.  I am not sure why there have been so few inquiries for next year.  They dropped drastically when they stopped being just and ad site and started controlling everything, but each year I get less and less.