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    Has anyone else experienced an inexplicable and dramatic drop in their market rank?

    tracycarr New Member

      Hi All,


      We have recently experienced a sudden and inexplicable drop in our market rank from 96 to 960 out of approx 1340 properties in our area. We have 10 reviews which are all 5 stars, zero cancellations, 100% acceptance rate, and excellent rate of bookings for our seasonal vacation home. We were also recently awarded the status of Premier Partner. Here is a link to our property https://www.vrbo.com/1306678?unitId=1858221&adultsCount=6 We called support to get an explanation for our dramatic drop in market rank and the explanation we received via email was as follows:

      "I verified on our end there isn't anything we can do to alter this. It's simply a shift in the marketplace. This number will continue to change based on the market overall. Travelers don't see this ranking number though."

      We spoke to a supervisor as well, and she could not provide a better explanation. While it's true that travellers don't see this ranking, they also don't see us! We are way down from where we were in the search list of properties in our area. This is a problem, as this is the time of year that people are booking our area for next summer.

      I am wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar. Given the high rate of fees we pay, this kind of problem, as well as the response to it is completely unacceptable in my opinion

      Looking forward to hearing thoughts/suggestions from others.

      Many thanks,