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    Tax on month or longer stays

    tmills New Member

      Why is HomeAway collecting a lodging tax on stays greater than 28 days?  These length stays are not subject to a lodging tax in my municipality (CHARLESTON, SC).

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          feibus Senior Contributor

          You're going to have to call CS, ask the question, get a nonsense response, then ask to escalate it (get the ticket #!) to the tax team for further clarification.  Eventually, you'll get an answer from the folks who are responsible.

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            ohst8er Premier Contributor

            It‘s anything greater than 89 days in Hilton Head SC, 60 days in some other yet to be named location...etc.  see the issue?  They possibly didn’t plan ahead for this.  What they will have to do is collect the tax, AND THEN Reimburse it when the guest checks out.  That’s the only way to keep a 30 day tax free stay from turning into a 28 day, fully taxable stay, with no recourse for collecting the taxes. 

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              scowol Active Contributor

              I've reported the lack of this capability for years and the former HA Community manager acknowledge the problem, but said there were no plans to address it. There is no setting in the taxes configuration.


              All we need is a very simple, easy to program feature in the tax setting that has a box that says "Do not collect taxes on stays of XX nights or longer."   XX = number of nights that the owner enters.


              My local county/city considers any stay longer than 28 consecutive days to be tax exempt because it falls into regular housing/tenant regulations.  28 days is the magic number because February has 28 days.  I take monthly guests during my off season.  If they submit an IB, I need to tell them to cancel and then I need to remove the tax setting and then have them send again.  It's beyond aggravating.

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                sage Senior Contributor

                In Hawaii, the General Excise Tax and Transient Accommodation Tax are charged on rentals less than 6 months, and the General Excise Tax, only, is charged on rentals of 6 months or more. The GET is set at 3 different levels, varying by county.


                I daresay there is so much variation that HA could not know, and could not program for, every tax structure in every jurisdiction. But this is just an argument for giving control back to the owners to bill their guests correctly, and that is not going to happen.