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    request for review with personalization no longer an option

    hickmanhideaway Contributor

      We have always written a personal paragraph to each guest after checkout requesting their review. Referencing anything we had discussed about the cabin. And IF we were happy with them as a guest we thanked them for taking care of the cabin and offered a $100 discount toward a future 3 night stay. We are no longer able to do that. VRBO said they don't allow us to do that because it is considered a bribe. Have been doing it that way for years. But now we, as owners, are no longer trusted.


      We used this offer as a way to know if we wanted to have them stay with us again. If they wanted to book with us again we could easily see if we wanted to accept their booking.


      It seems that we are all being treated as possible rotten owners who can't be trusted, even if we have been loyal VRBO owners for years.