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    Automated Adjustment to Total to Account for Credit Card International Charges

    giannimagp New Member

      Hello. I wonder if HomeAway/VRBO is considering adding some sort of automatic price adjustment to the total displayed when a guest is about to book a property and enters an "international" credit card (?) -similar to what some sites do when calculating s&h after entering a zip code.

      I understand the logic behind such fees as I have read threads on this topic here in the community forum, but here is my perspective as a host. When I set my price per night on this platform (vs other ones I use) I do so accounting for the higher fees/commissions that I am charged i.e. my rate is higher here so that my net can be similar to what I would make somewhere else.

      However, if a guest pays with an international credit card, I end up with even higher fees that I have not accounted for so I end up making even less and -ultimately- it motivates me to approve fewer bookings vs somewhere else where the fees are lower and no distinction is made based on how the guest paid.

      If the booking is in high season and/or for several nights, the additional international fees are not negligible. I want to have a way to control for them and not be a surprise.

      Thanks in advance for answering