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    Uptick in implied expectations, assumptions resulting in bad reviews?

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      having a strange year in terms of reviews. Same property rated as stellar by one guest and the next a week later gives it scathing review. I do not know is it combination of factors that many guests do not READ descriptions but ASSUME? They do not ask questions before booking (well, duh) and then are disappointed? Are you experiencing an uptick in such discrepant reviews?


      NOT CHILDREN FRIENDLY, this is a cabin geared mostly for adults and friends to share and not so much as family friendly. There is an extremely steep drop off in the yard with nothing keeping you in so you are unable to go outside with children.


      Does this look steep to you?

      Lower level patio with picnic tables and hot tub

      Paved parking for at least 4 vehicles plus additional  gravel parking for 2-3



      Several appliances did not work completely or worked but not well including stove, microwave and jacuzzi tub. Use caution driving as the roads are thin and winding.

      Microwaves are fine. Previous guest broke ONE of the range knobs (was on order), 4 fully operational. Jacuzzi was user error - they themselves closed jets control knob on 1ts use and then were wondering why jets do not push water, duh. Cannot do anything about roads, all paved and maintained by the county. But if one wants to be in the MOUNTAINS, they should expect mountain roads.

      In a private feedback this guest also complained that they could hear people in other cabins? It is quiet here, so sound carries! Mine is on 1.5 acres, and all others on the street all have anywhere from 3/4 to 2 acre lots intermixed with empty wooded lots. I really do not know what people expect anymore. Airbnb of course.