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    Proper Insurance Grace Period

    stanmac New Member

      Hi Everyone,


      Does anyone know if there is a grace period after your policy expires?


      I  realized our insurance expiration date was 8/31 and our insurance guy did not call me back to renew and now it is Saturday.   They never contacted me 30 days before it expired.  I know I should have kept up with this too.  They are unable to assist me as it is Saturday.


      So I am worried at this point , we are not insured.   This is a horrendous customer service experience.  I am definitely going to research Cbiz and Foremost. Any other companies you guys suggest would be greatly appreciated.



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          margaret CommunityAmbassador

          I'm surprised you didn't receive a renewal notice in the mail. I usually get a renewal notice from my insurance a couple of months prior then the bill for then new policy about 6 weeks prior to expiration. There us probably some kind of grace period, even if it is 15 days you can still contact them on Monday to get it straightened out.
          You may want to ask your insurance agent to research other options for you if you are not happy with the CS  or you could do a Google search.

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            db.meyer Senior Contributor

            First step - sign on to Proper's website and process the payment there today.  You may need to search your emails from your Proper Agent as there is likely a PDF or other electronic Policy "attachment" you will need to also complete online.  I also recommend that you set up "recurring payment" to avoid this in the future! Good luck!

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              bonesxxx Active Contributor

              Although there are federal insurance laws the states pile on their own so you will have to check. In my state there is a statutory 30 day grace period. My guess is you are fine.


              I did a side-by-side comparison between Proper and CBiz at my last renewal and CBiz was significantly less expensive for identical coverage so you may want to look into them anyway before you renew. Just be sure to confirm the grace period in your state first and make sure Cbiz can get you a bound before the grace period is up.

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                stanmac New Member

                Thank you everyone! I really appreciate your help!