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    1,000 thread count sheets for $59 (king size)

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          Thread count is the number of threads that run horizontally and vertically per square inch. The belief is that as the thread count grows, so does the softness of the sheet.


          The myth that high thread count sheets are softer and better is false because companies can find loopholes when coming up with their thread count number. Some will use cheaper, low-quality materials and will simply use thread with more ply – a layer of material that is then twisted with another. What this does is make it so that you can’t tell that the fabric is actually not very durable, simultaneously not actually making the sheet any softer. The ply is then used when calculating the total thread count.

          For example, a sheet with 3-ply may be marketed at TC600. But in reality that 600 number is not coming from the true and honest number of threads as each ply is not an accurate representation of how many threads there are. That means that 600 is just the total after multiplying the original, real thread count by 3. This means a sheet with TC600 can be the same thing as a sheet marketed at TC200.

          Because of this, the marketed thread count number is not the best determinant of whether or not a sheet is low or high quality.

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              Yes I've known about marketing liberties with thread count since I can't seem to find really nice sheets anymore (for my home, not my rental).


              I am going to take a risk on these -- trusting that Nordstrom wouldn't sell garbage. 


              Happy to let everyone know how they look (but the sale will be over).


              $59/set is what I pay for Amazon sheets - am I nuts for thinking these aren't the same ones I buy there?

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              I once bought 600TC sheets for my home. Hated them. They are woven so densely that it feels like they are impenetrable and feel hot to me. I did not find them comfortable at all (still have them).