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    Can we turn off VRBO-sent "Welcome Guide"?

    droptop Contributor

      On my dashboard, under Property, there are four options:  Edit Property; Rules & policies; Reviews; and, Welcome Guide.


      Last week, for my upcoming reservation, I received, at my email, an offer to use the Vrbo/HA App.  The Vrbo/HA subject line said, "Important stay information for XX, HI".  The email itself  directs my guests to do the following:  "Download the Vrbo app today to access your pre-arrival information for [name of my building] immediately.  We are thrilled you are staying at [name of my building] for your getaway. The Vrbo mobile app helps ensure you have everything you need while you are in HI." 


      My guests get a package from me so the Vrbo/HA app isn't required.  But I was surprised to get it -- something has clearly been turned on in settings; I didn't get this directive on my last trip about a couple of months ago. 


      I've entered Welcome Guide, and have used language to refer guests to the comprehensive document I provide them.  Once all fields are filled out -- takes about 60 seconds --  Vrbo/HA says it will email this app info to guests ten days before their arrival.  That's confusing, as I want them to have the full package from me, not what VRBO sends.  But there's no real harm in a VRBO email to my guests that reminds them, "Please refer to your documents provided at your final payment."  Seems superfluous, though, to my efforts.


      There does not appear to be a way to disable this VRBO email to guests telling them to download an app.  Anyone have any experience disabling this feature?

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          margaret CommunityAmbassador

          My dashboard say "Hospitality" either way it is the App. It is not new. You can turn off the notifications you receive when the guests get notifications but there are only a couple that can be stopped from going to the guests, I don't recall which they ones.

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              scowol Active Contributor

              Below are the only two guest emails you can stop.  Otherwise, per the notice below, Vrbo will ALWAYS send guest invites.  You cannot "turn off" or stop the Hospitality app notices.


              As a tip, as a consequence of HA making various changes along the way to the Hospitality app, I now just fill out the various sections with short messages that says "The owner will provide this information to you directly."  I do that instead of leaving items blank, which can confuse the guests who do poke around with the app.


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                  droptop Contributor




                  Well, the dashboards you describe and picture sure don't look like mine!  At least not anymore.  So back to CS I went; last week, they just wanted me to populate the fields with all my info, and that's not how I run my business, so I thanked them and rang off.


                  Turns out that for some, Hospitality is now called Guest Welcome.  In placing this on the Dashboard and sending out the emails to guests, they did not include a feature to turn off the notifications, and are exploring ways to incorporate such a feature at some point.  The two notifications you displayed, above, are certainly off under my Hospitality according to the window CS can see, but for me, and perhaps others, Hospitality, with notifications and the ability to disable the two of them, is gone.  Replaced by Guest Welcome, and so far, an inability to disable a VRBO email to guests that asks them to download an app because it has key information for accessing their apartment, which in the end, it does not.


                  Just to recap, I didn't get Advanced Payment under HA, but had it under Yapstone, but I did get this swell new HA feature.  "Man plans, god laughs."