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    Feedback on Tax Help page

    feibus Senior Contributor

      What Stay Taxes/Lodging Taxes do you collect and remit? | HomeAway Help


      No good way to leave detailed feedback on the help pages (just helpful/not helpful, which is not helpful!), so that's one thing they need to adjust.


      Second, this page has gotten soooo much better than before I really appreciate the change, but could they add one more thing: The last updated date for the content under each state/country link?  For example, SC could look like this:

      South Carolina (last updated Sept 1, 2019)

      That way, as things change, we can quickly identify what's different.

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          casitacynthiasantafe Contributor

          Well, they are now being accurate on this tax page about what taxes they collect in New Mexico--the Gross Receipts Tax, not the Lodger's Tax. But a traveller's quote still calls the tax they collect "Lodging Tax." (Whereas I am now paying that 7% tax out of my own pocket, for want of a simple additional tax line in the quote.)


          From the tax page:

          New Mexico
          We collect State, County, & Municipal Gross Receipts Tax for all reservations in the state of New Mexico. The taxes are remitted by us directly to the state. We began collecting and remitting in New Mexico July 1, 2019.



          And here are the figures copies from the quote on an actual booking made on 8/24/19. Note that the quote says they are collecting Lodging Tax, but they are not:
          6 nights




          Booking amount




          Refundable damage deposit




          Lodging taxes we remit




          Traveler service fee




          Total traveler payment



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            samantha_ha Contributor

            Thanks feibus! I have sent this over to the appropriate folks.


            Happy to see you're finding this useful! Keep the feedback coming



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              fredej00 New Member

              We now have this same issue starting July 2019 in VA.

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